Thursday, April 16, 2009

To my Blogging Friends

Winning isn't everything, but it sure is nice.

This must be my month for awards, because Lady Glamis was kind enough to award my blog for "transmitting cultural, ethical, literary, and personal values every day." Wow. I'm touched and amazed.

The rules for this award are to:
Accept and post the award on your blog
Link to the person from whom you received it
Pass the award to 15 other blogs that are worthy of this acknowledgment
Let them know they’ve been chosen for this award

So, this is hard because I am impressed by so many people, but here are the blogs I find myself returning to on a regular basis:

The Taming of The Muse
- Mary was the first writer to encourage me and her advice has been so valuable.

Becky Levine - She was my first online friend and she helped me realize that responding to comments offers a wonderful two-way communication with readers.

The Innocent Flower - Right back at you, Glam - your posts are always great.

The Things We Carried - Meredith can take mundane details and turn them into something beautiful. Simply amazing writing.

Hip Writer Mama - Vivian always inspires me.

Mother Reader - She taught me not to be afraid of commenting.

Lindsay Leavitt - Her breezy style taught me not to take myself too seriously.

Short Stuff - Sarah followed my blog before I knew what a follower was! Thanks for that vote of confidence and for your thought provoking posts.

Roots in Myth - PJ is smart, funny, and she always has great book recommendations.

Beth Kephart Books - Always lovely to read. Beth's writing has a calming effect on me.

Tara Maya's Tales - Educational, thought provoking and just plain fun.

Jen Robinson's Book Page - Her passion for encouraging children's literacy is infectious. Plus she has great reviews and links!

Nicola Morgan - Her writing is hilarious, but she also gives great advice to aspiring authors.

Market My Words - Shelli has lots of interviews and tips to help writers get noticed.

Christy's Creative Space - Great links, great book reviews, and just a fun blog to read.

I also enjoy Suzanne's Question of the Day, Kelly Polark's enthusiastic blog, and so many others listed on the left. Keep writing -- I love you all!!


Michelle D. Argyle said...

You've chosen great blogs to award! So glad you like the award. That one is a great one. :D

Kelly H-Y said...

Congratulations on your wonderful award! Very well-deserved! :-)

Rena Jones said...

Congrats Sherrie!

I got your email and will be getting back to you ASAP!

PJ Hoover said...

Aw, thanks, Sherrie! I really appreciate it!

C.R. Evers said...

awwww! Thanks for the kind words!!!!

I've been slow w/ my blogging lately because of illness, but I'll be sure to pass the award along!!!! :0)


Sherrie Petersen said...

Glam - Glad you like them :^)
Kelly - Thanks!
Rena - Thank you, and I'mlooking forward to hearing from you
PJ - Congrats - you deserve it!
Christy - You're welcome and I hope you're feeling better soon

Shelli (srjohannes) said...

aw shucks!

Vivian Mahoney said...

Wow! This is such a nice surprise. Thank you so much, Sherrie! I am honored to be in such wonderful company.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I go camping, and look what happens. I should go away more often! :) Thanks, Sherrie--I love your blog and how much you share with us about the writing life. And I'm so glad we've met online. :)And thanks, too, for that great list, there are some new blogs for me to check out now!

Beth Kephart said...

Oh my goodness. I just saw this. Not because I wasn't reading this entry a few days ago, but because I saw another blog on your list that seemed interesting and immediately clicked there and stayed for awhile, never getting to the bottom of the list.

My apologies. And my gratitude!!

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