Monday, April 28, 2014

Guess the Musician, Part Two!

Kelly Polark’s debut middle grade novel, ROCK ‘N’ ROLL PRINCESSES WEAR BLACK  is out! Did you know that Kelly has seen over 100 bands live?!  If you missed GUESS THE BAND PART ONE, check it out here! Here are a few more pics of her and some cool musicians. Read the rhyme and guess the bands in the comments. Kelly will comment later today with the correct answers! Rock on!

1.  He played Noah Drake.
     Jessie's Girl brought him fame.
     He's done everything for you.
     ___________ ______________ 's his name.

2.   "Animal" was their first hit.
       Frontman sings it with ease.
      "Pop Psychology" was just released.
      This band is __________ __________.

3.  They are "Sorry" they're bad
     Singing "Crazy B..." and
     "Gluttony," "Lit Up."
     _______________ 's this band.


4.  He "Performs This Way."
     Makes us laugh without fail.
     He sings "Eat It" and "Yoda."
     You know it's _____________ ___________!

5. "Raise Your Glass" to this gal.
    "So What" doesn't stink.
    "Try" not to love her songs.
    This singer is ____________ !

You can say "HEY!" to Kelly at her blog, her celeb book recommendation site, on Facebook, and Twitter! She is also a picture book author. Check out ROCKABET, BIG SISTER, BABY BROTHER, and HOLD THE MUSTARD! Purchase ROCK 'N' ROLL PRINCESSES WEAR BLACK here!

Don't forget to enter for a chance to win some bookmarks and an ITunes gift card!

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Monday, April 21, 2014

Eyes on the Stars

WishYouWerent-ShootingStarYou may have guessed, based on the topic of WISH YOU WEREN'T: I'm a fan of meteor showers. And as luck would have it, there's a good one tonight!

The Lyrid meteor shower is a bright one, which is good since the moon is still pretty big. The comets will look like they're coming from Vega (part of the Lyra constellation), but really, they're coming from the tail of the Comet Thatcher. (But Lyrid meteor shower sounds so much better than Thatcher meteor shower, don't you think?)

 The meteor shower will peak between midnight and sunrise and if you're in a remote area away from city lights, you should be able to see as many as 20 comets per hour. But if you miss it tonight, don't worry. They should be visible through the 25th of April. NASA also plans to do a livestream for people who are unable to see it where they live.

So will I be dragging my kids out to see the shooting stars tonight? Making wishes? What do you think ;-)

Monday, April 14, 2014

Total Eclipse of the Moon

redmoonTax day approaches – everyone's favorite day of the year. Tonight I plan to stay up past midnight and watch the day arrive. Not because I waited until the last minute to do my taxes (although there's that) but because tonight there will be a total lunar eclipse.

Most of North America will be able to see the eclipse and since the moon is close to full it should be pretty dramatic. Because of the timing of the eclipse, sunsets and sunrises in other parts of the world will make the moon look blood red. Kinda cool! If you have cloudy skies or too many city lights to see it, The Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles will broadcast the eclipse live starting at 9:45 p.m. PST.

This is also the last week of the blog tour for WISH YOU WEREN'T. Here are the planned stops.  

The Book Cellar: Erica posts an interview about my reading and writing habits.  
Books and Needlepoint: Kristi will post her review of Wish You Weren't.  
Hopelessly Devoted Bibliophile: Jessica adds her review of Wish You Weren't.  

Book Loving Mom: Amy will post her review of Wish You Weren't.

I want to thank all of the bloggers who hosted me during this tour. Book bloggers are seriously the coolest people. They don't make money from this. They do it because they love books and I'm totally honored to have been part of so many awesome blogs.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Review: The Eighth Day

It's a long drive from where I live in California to Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, twenty-two hours to be exact. But I made good use of my time. During the trip I was able to start and finish an ARC that I won of THE EIGHTH DAY by Dianne K. Salerni. Five pages in and I was lost to the world. Stopping for dinner was a huge inconvenience. And did my family really need to interrupt to point out the snow / lake / mountains / wild animals we were passing? I think not. In fact, I was so engrossed in the book that I failed in my role as navigator and we ended up more than twenty miles off course before I looked up and realized what had happened. Needless to say, hubby might not be as big a fan of Dianne as I am :P

So what did I love about this book? For starters, the concept is cool: an extra day stuck in the middle of the week that only a few people know about. The problem lies with what certain people decide to do with all that extra time on their hands. By blending modern day situations with Arthurian legends and throwing in a few Dr. Who and Ancient Aliens references, Dianne has created something completely original. Filled with heart-pounding action and wonderful characters–people who grow on you even when you start out thinking you won't like them–this is the type of book that I finish reading and hand off immediately to my kids. If you have a chance to get an ARC, jump on it. Otherwise, look for it when it releases next month. You'll definitely want to add this to your TBR list.

As for the WISH YOU WEREN'T blog tour, there's plenty of fun stuff happening this week. Reviews, deleted scenes, 25 things you might not know about me, and of course, plenty of give aways. Here's where you'll find me around the blogs this week:

Read This Instead: Wednesday, Kathy will share a deleted scene from Wish You Weren't.
Me, My Shelf & I: Thursday, 25 Things you may or may not know about me :)
Book Dreaming: Also Thursday, Shannon O'Donnell reviews Wish You Weren't.

All of these sites will be giving away prize packs as well (printed copy of Wish You Weren't, astronaut ice cream and a wish token), so stop by and enter your name to win!

Of course, you can always get your very own copy of WISH YOU WEREN'T from these magnificent retailers. And when you buy the print version from Amazon, you get a free e-book download, too -- bonus!

Amazon   |  Kobo  |  B&N  |   Smashwords  |   Solvang Book Loft

Monday, April 7, 2014

Cover Reveal: Prom Impossible

I'm so excited to be part of the cover reveal for Laura Pauling's newest book. I've known Laura for a while and as soon as I read the synopsis, I knew I wanted to read the book. Check it out:

1 girl. 1 prom. 3 guys.

Cassidy decides her senior year, including prom, will be about Michael Greenwood, the boy destined to be her soul mate. One problem. He hasn’t figured that out yet.

But certain events like exploding smoke bombs—that weren’t completely her fault—introduce her to Zeke, the reformed bad boy. And cutting deals in the boys’ bathroom with Jasper, the hottest guy in school, lands her in a complicated web of half-truths that spirals out of control.

At the end of the year, she’s dateless the day before the big night but risks a lot more than her pride if she can’t find a way to fix her mistakes.

PROM IMPOSSIBLE is a modern-day Shakespearean romantic comedy in the world of teens, true love, and life.

Coming May 2014!
Prom Impossible by Laura Pauling
Genres: Comedy, Romance, Young Adult

Sounds good, right? Click here to add it to your Goodreads TBR list :)
And now for the big reveal: the beautiful cover!

Isn't it lovely? And you know, with prom season coming up, the timing for this release is perfect! Laura designed this cover with Steven Novak, and I have to say, the more I see from him, the more I'm impressed. The guy does good work! Here's some more info about Laura.

Laura writes young adult romantic suspense and romantic comedy. She’s the author of the exciting Circle of Spies Series, and the time travel mystery, HEIST. She’s a former elementary teacher and currently lives in New England. After spending time reading books to her kids and loving a good plot turn, she put her fingers to the keyboard. Don’t ask her about the unfinished quilts and scrapbooks. Stories are way more exciting.

She writes to entertain and experience a great story…and to be able to work in her jammies and slippers.

PROM IMPOSSIBLE, a modern-day Shakespearean romantic comedy will be released in May 2014.

Author links:   Website | Facebook | Goodreads | Twitter

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