Believe it or not, blogging has taught me so much about writing. Here are some of the posts I've written about what I've learned.

The Beauty of the Beta, Part 1 and Part 2
Why every writer should look for beta readers.

Slash and Burn
How much do you cut when you revise your story?

Revealing Character
How details create a complete character

Keeping it Real
What details ground a reader in the story?

Move Along
Making every word count

Cry if I Want To
Creating an emotional response in your readers

Building a Plot
The benefits of an outline

The Write Idea
How writing friends can help your story 

Behind the Story 
Building back story and minor characters 

Voices in my Head
Characters, setting and voice

A Quiet Place to Write
Finding a place without distractions

Dreams, novels and writing

Conferences can be a great way to learn more about craft, meet other writers and make connections with editors and agents. Here are a few posts about events that I've attended.

Winning 3rd Place for Secret of Undine at the Pikes Peak Conference

Fear of the Pitch
Preparing my pitch for the Pikes Peak Conference

Pikes Peak Rocks!
Things I loved about the Pikes Peak Conference

Pikes Peak Wrap Up
Session highlights from the Pikes Peak Conference

Meeting blogger friends and soaking up the writerly vibes!

More from SCBWI-LA
The Blue Moon Ball

Reality Bites
Back home, but more good notes from the conference

The Envy Test
Holly Black's advice for knowing when a story is good

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