Saturday, July 9, 2011

Magic or a Sword?

Which is more important when fighting monsters? Magic or a sword?

Not the sort of thing you typically have to worry about on a Saturday morning. But, you know, if you're a writer, the question might come up. Especially if you inhabit the Woerld created by Teresa Frohock in Miserere: An Autumn Tale.  Here's her answer:


Thank you so much for having me here, Sherrie!

I can’t speak for any novel but my own, but in Woerld, experience is your most valuable weapon, because it is through experience that you know whether to use sword or magic.

When I originally envisioned Woerld’s bastions, they were more like universities, military academies where the Katharoi learned the art of warfare, but also more about their enemy, the Fallen. The more I delve into Woerld and the cultures of the bastions, the more I realize that they place a great deal of emphasis on learning and on older Katharoi guiding the younger members.

They are fighting an enemy that is ancient and devious. The Fallen have eternity and they know it, so they think nothing of devising plans that can span generations. They also know that a successful coup does not have to entail bloodshed.

Faced with an enemy like this, the Katharoi’s only hope is to educate themselves about their enemy as thoroughly as possible. That way, when they have to face off on the battlefield, the Katharoi don’t waste time or energy trying to discern the best approach. The question as to whether to use magic or sword will be instinctive because of their experience.

So what do you think? Which is more important when fighting monsters? 


I'm going with magic!
Teresa's debut novel, Miserere: An Autumn Tale, was released on July 1 from Nightshade Books.
Read the first four chapters of Miserere FREE here. You can learn more about Teresa and her novel by visiting her website,


storyqueen said...

I think I'd pick magic,too. Or maybe a magical sword...

I am very curious about this book now!


Andrea Mack said...

I'd pick magic...isn't there some spell that would get me a sword?

Kristan said...

Whoa, I LOVE the idea of baddies that think so long-term. That's... diabolical!

I'm with storyqueen: I want a magical sword. :)

Riv Re said...

I'm with storyqueen and Kristan on the magical sword thing.
Though, it would all depend. I'm writing a high fantasy of my own, so I like to pretend I know something about swords, and it would all depend on the situation. Is the beast super-fast? Magic. Is it impervious to magic? Sword, obviously.

But, as I said, a magical sword would be awesome.

Susan Kaye Quinn said...

Sounds like a Woerld my kids would love to read!

Unknown said...

Magic for sure. I don't like weapons that someone can knock out of my hands or use on me. I'll have to check this one out.

Laura Pauling said...

I'd say it depends on the magic! :) I like the idea of a magical sword.

T. Frohock said...

Wow! Looks like it is almost a 50-50 split here between sword and magic (although a magical sword does trump all).

Susan, you might want to screen Miserere before giving it to your kids. It is an adult novel with some adult language. ;-)

Thanks, everybody, for commenting and making me feel so welcome! ;-)


Lydia Kang said...

Magic! A well placed tickle charm might solve all of one's problems.

Christina Lee said...

I'd defer to Teresa's wisdom--very cool!!! But if I had to pick, it would be magic b/c it offers so many possiblilites :D

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