Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Penguins, Giveaways & More Banned Books

I know Banned Book Week is over, but I'm still thinking about it today. I guess that's part of the beauty of a banned book. They actually make you think.

I enjoyed re-reading Forever by Judy Blume, although I have to say, I have a completely different perspective on the book now that I'm a parent. I still laugh at the name Ralph and I still get why I dog earred "the good" pages! But I also remember being really mad about the way Kath and Michael split up, thinking she was such a idiot. Now I understand. I've been her. I've done the same thing to someone I thought I loved.

This time through the book, parts of it almost felt like an instruction manual: How to be Responsible if you Choose to have Sex as a Teenager. Blume was never heavy handed, but as a parent, I realize how valuable this information could be for someone, especially a teen who has no one to talk to. I was also amazed by how good the writing still is. I don't always feel that way about books that were published 30 years ago. Yes, believe it or not, in March Forever will be 30 years old!

I also enjoyed reading And Tango Makes Three with my kids. The story is wonderful and it gave us a chance to talk about different types of families. Not that this is a new subject in our house. My daughter has had a friend since preschool who has two moms and the two guys who live down the street from my parents have the best house at Halloween. Because we have different types of families in our lives, it's all normal to my children.

I haven't done a giveaway in a while and I thought it might be fun to share And Tango Makes Three with other families. So if you would like this book to read to your kids, leave me a comment and let me know. But here's the deal: I want you to read it to kids (yours or someone else's), talk about it and then pass it on to another family. I want this book to get into the hands of as many people as possible. We'll sign and date the front before we send it out, and then you can do the same before you pass it on. Even if you don't have little kids, this book is a great story about love, family and penguins!

Even if you don't want the book, leave a comment and let me know what you read during Banned Book Week. I'm always looking for a good story :D


Corey Schwartz said...

Oh, I just read about this book over at Jacqui's Room. Looks great.

Kristi Faith said...

I sort of missed Banned Books week-the same week all of our family was sick and running from doctor appointment to home to school to..well, you get the idea. :)
(I hope your hospital visit isn't serious today, btw!)

However, I was shocked to see that the Captain Underpants series was on that list. Now-I don't think the writing is anything of literary genius in Dav Pilkey's books. However-it was those books that instilled a passion for reading with my nine year old.

She really struggled with AR books or assigned reading. She didn't want to learn to read at all. She was perfectly happy with mom reading to her, thank you very much. Well-the Captain Underpants series-for some reason-really opened her eyes. I think it was the 'comic book' style the books were written in-it didn't seem as intimidating to her.

Now, she reads everything. Not just books about potty humor. LOL :) I happen to think any book that gets a person excited to read is a winner, whether I like it or not.

Kelly Polark said...

I hate to say I didn't read anything that was banned during banned week. I did read though lots of Halloween picture books to my five year old, Ellen Tebbits to my 7 yr old, and Inkheart with my 10 yr old!
I'd like to read Tango too. I want my kids to be openminded. My kids have not had much exposure to same sex relationships (though my mil's poolman is transgendered and actually I'm thankful that my kids have seen these differences and talked with me about them). My uncle was gay and died of AIDs,so I grew up with openminded parents thankfully. Different kinds of relationships are a part of life, I am so glad that there are finally some books out there to reflect that.

Susan R. Mills said...

I loved Forever. You made me want to go read it again.

Sarah Laurenson said...

I missed Forever. I did have a Judy Blume book for older kids once and it didn't speak to me. Can't remember the title, but the two main characters were discovering they were lesbians. Or at least one was. There was a lot of dysfunction going on as well.

I think that was a Judy Blume book. Now I'm going to have to see if I can find the title. Got it - Summer Sisters. It was one of her adult books.

I'll pass on the Tango offer as we have no kids who understand english (beyond food, pee, biscuit). But I think this is a great idea.

Did not read anything during banned books week alas.

Kelly H-Y said...

Loved your perspective on Forever; have heard of the wonderful 'And Tango Makes Three', but haven't read it yet!! Definitely need to!

lisa and laura said...

I would LOVE to read this book to my kids and I have lots of friends who would do the same. Great contest Sherrie!

Tana said...

I would love to be entered for TAngo makes three! Most definitely I would pass it on, I usually do with my books.

I read Forever ( a forever ago) and I remember the thrill of reading such a 'bad' book. On the other hand my daughter wont be reading it lol! Time changes us doesn't it?

lotusgirl said...

I've never really read any Judy Blume. I'm not sure why. They were new when I was a kid. I guess they were controversial then too and I was too busy reading stuff like Catch-22 and Shakespeare to go for Judy Blume. I wonder if I shouldn't go back now and check her out.

Stephanie Faris said...

I need to read Forever again. I haven't read it since childhood. I was in 7th or 8th grade and I don't think I understood most of what I was reading!

Michelle D. Argyle said...

What a FANTASTIC idea for that book - to pass it around. You are so wonderful to do that! I need to read some Judy Blume books.

Funny, we both talked about penguins today. Well, yesterday. I'm so behind in my blogging!

The pale observer said...

During my stepson's penguin wedding in Cape Town South Africa last week - the book 'And Tango Makes Three' came up and we googled the real story and it was so cute! Then we discovered via the net that there are quite a few cases of penguins in captivity that form same sex bonds and raise baby penguins!!! Who'd a thought it?! :)

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