Monday, June 29, 2009

Winners and Liars

Does anybody remember the Thompson Twins? When Carrie Harris tagged me for this meme, the song "Lies, Lies, Lies" came immediately to mind.

"Sometimes you can learn more about a person by what they don’t tell you. Sometimes you can learn a lot from the things they just make up. If you are tagged with this Meme, lie to me. Then tag 7 other folks (one for each deadly sin) and hope they can lie."

Well, I'm a terrible liar (really!) but I figure I make up stuff every day and write it down. How different is this? So here goes:

Pride: What is your biggest contribution to the world?
My chocolate chip muffins. Have you tasted them? One bite and you’ll be hooked. That little doughboy creature is at the door trying to steal the recipe, but I think Plankton might have beat him to it.

Envy: What do your coworkers wish they had which is yours?
Everything -- my looks, my life, my inexplicable ability to tell the difference between Charmin and Quilted Northern. (Don’t even try to make me wipe with anything other than Charmin!)

Gluttony: What did you eat last night?
Have I mentioned the muffins? All 4 dozen that I baked in my professional Easy Bake Oven?

Lust: What really lights your fire?
Marilyn Manson is my dream guy.

Anger: What is the last thing that really pissed you off?

When the children asked for breakfast this morning. I mean really, who do I look like, their mother?

Greed: Name something you keep from others.
If I told you then I’d be giving it up. You can’t trick me that easily!

Sloth: What's the laziest thing you've ever done?
I don’t actually have to lie about this. I’m probably the laziest person I know. In fact, I’m still in bed, wearing my pajamas and ignoring the children’s pleas for food…

And in case you've forgotten the song, here it is in all its 80s glory.

Now for the winners...well, actually it's only one winner. Jasmine pulled the winning name for Rena Jones' debut picture book, A New Job for Dilly. And the winner is...


Yay! Email me your address and let me know if you'd like a special inscription. Rena will be autographing the book before she sends it your way. Enjoy!


Suzanne Casamento said...

Ohhhh...I'm giggling over Marilyn Manson being your dream guy.

I totally remember the Thompson Twins. "Hold me now...oh oh warm my heart..."

Kelly Polark said...

Oh, good ole 80's tunes.
Funny answers! Now go get those kids some food! ;)

Sherrie Petersen said...

Suzanne - I actually wasn't lying there. I just didn't say what type of dreams :)

Kelly - I still love the modern rock of the 80s. And my kids :)

Michelle D. Argyle said...

Ack! I totally missed this post last night! Granted, it was like midnight, haha. I just didn't ssee that you had two posts.

THANKS!!! I can't wait to get my copy. I just know my daughter is going to LOVE that book. You have no idea how much she loves pickles. LOL!

Carrie Harris said...

Marilyn Manson. Can't decide if I'm laughing or trying not to barf. ;)

Rena Jones said...

LMHO @ Marilyn Manson. That guy's eyes seriously creep me out!

Congratulations to Lady Glam! As soon as I get the address, I'll get it sent out!

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