Friday, July 24, 2009

Shaun Cassidy, Endings and Beginnings and a Book Trailer Too!

Did you have this poster hanging in your room? It's okay. You can admit it if you did. My friend Melissa did, or at least one like it. I didn't know her when she was a teenager, but apparently she was very in love with Shaun Cassidy.

She turned 40 last week. So on Saturday night her family threw a party for her and her 250 closest friends. The party was more lavish than my wedding. Really.

Funny thing is, somewhere between teen idol dreams and 40, Melissa's sister became friends with Shaun Cassidy. He came to the party. And serenaded my friend with the song, "Sweet Melissa." (That's her holding the microphone for him and blushing.) It was a surreal moment (made all the more impressive since Shaun had to catch a plane at 4am to fly to New York and be on Good Morning America Monday morning)!

I know I don't get out much, but still. This was just ONE of the dessert tables. Then there were the TWO open bars, the caterers, the dj, and did I mention the 250 friends? Servers met us at the door with these drinks (vodka, seltzer, lime and a rock candy swizzle stick). Yeah. It was a good party.


Tuesday night I participated in part of the Twitter #kidlitchat hosted by Greg Pincus and Bonnie Adamson. One of the questions they floated out to the group was this: "How do you know when your book is done?"

I've been struggling with that very question. I feel like every time I read another book on writing, I wonder if I've done enough, especially with my beginning. Am I starting in the right place? Have I hooked my readers?

My MG novel is going through its final critique and then I'll start subbing it again. Which leads me to another series of questions: Do I write the people who asked for a full and haven't responded and tell them it's changed? Do I just send them a new version? Or should I do nothing and just send it out to new people?

When I wasn't writing (and rewriting!) my opening chapters, I blew a few hours on a book trailer. Here it is in all it's glory ... or not!

NOTE: The trailer is now gone. Sorry if you missed out. But just think of how much better it will be to hold the actual book!!


lisa and laura said...

That party sounds insane! I'm so jealous.

Good luck with the queries! So exciting to be getting back out there again. Definitely check in with the agents who still have fulls. You can always offer up the revised version if they write back and say they're going to be reading soon.

Myra McEntire said...

DUDE. I SO had that poster on the back of my bedroom door. Even caught my mom looking at it once or twice.

And, I have an agent who was okay with my second half but not in love with it. So even though I signed with her two months ago, I'm still not done.

Are we EVER done?

Rebecca Gomez said...

Sounds like a great party, Sherrie!

I have been almost done with my current WIP for weeks now, and that's just the first draft! Once that's done, I'll begin revisions. And once revisions are done, I'll ask for critiques, and then probably do more revisions. Will it ever be truly DONE?

I tried watching your book trailer, but for some reason I could only see part of the screen. Maybe the screen is too big?

Anonymous said...

Sean Cassidy. Wow. I'm a bit older, so it was David for me (and Bobby Sherman!), but, still. Wow.

Do you know Jessica Faust's blog at Bookends. I'm SURE she's blogged about your submission question somewhere on there & I think you can do a search on her archives. Or just look for topics. It's just one opinion, but I do use her for a good resource on this stuff.

Good luck!

Kelly Polark said...

Wow! That is one fabulous partay!
Your friend was serenaded by Sean Cassidy??? Yowza!
I had the same problems with viewing your trailer, half of it is not showing....Would love to check it out!
I'm excited that I just finished the first draft of my WIP! On to revisions

Sherrie Petersen said...

LiLa - It was truly the most amazing party I've ever been to! And thanks for the tip =)

Myra - I remember loving him on "The Hardy Boys" *sigh* He was so gracious in person - and funny, too!
And as for being done, I'm beginning to think the answer might be never!

Rebecca - You'll get there soon, well, with the first "done" at least! And thanks for letting me know about the book trailer. I hope it's fixed now!

Becky - I liked David, too :) and that's a good idea to look through Jessica's archives. Thanks!

Kelly - The whole serenade was just beautiful. We all joined in on the chorus. I think I fixed the trailer problem so try it again. And congrats on finishing your first draft! Can I be a beta reader?

Rebecca Gomez said...

The book trailer looks great, Sherrie! Did you use all your own photos or did you get pictures somewhere?

I was thinking about putting a trailer together, just for fun, once my draft is done.

Shelli (srjohannes) said...


Kelly H-Y said...

WHOA!! The party of her dreams (and many others!!) ... sounds like a fun night!

Sherrie Petersen said...

Rebecca - The photos are all mine (except the rubies). I created two of the illustrations. The underwater ones are from Mankanto

Shelli - Thanks!

Kelly H-Y - It was amazing 8)

PJ Hoover said...

Yes, I totally had the poster! And I love the story. This is just an awesome thing to have happen!

I love your book trailer! When can I buy the book??????? Because I'm sold!

Yat-Yee said...

I had a crush on Shaun Cassidy too...on Hardy Boys, and when he sang, "Da doo run run run, da doo run run." Hmm. I wonder if my sister knows him or Rick Springfield. Oh Duh, she doesn't live in Southern Cal!

Your book trailer looks really good!

BookChook said...

I'm the same with writing books. It's like sitting down to read a medical dictionary and discovering your symptoms match all the diseases. I'm convinced my writing lacks, pace, pov, voice - whatever I'm reading.

I thought the trailer was great, too!

storyqueen said...

I never missed a Hardy Boys! (Actually, I think the gray hair give him that debonair look......)

Loved the trailer. The music and images really went together. AND most importantly, it made me very curious.

Good Luck!


Sherrie Petersen said...

PJ - Thanks! I wish I could find a publisher or editor that was sold!

Yat-Yee - They actually played "Da doo run run" and Melissa's hubby lip synched to it in 70s clothes. It was hilarious! Glad you like the book trailer - thanks =)

Book Chook - Sometimes don't you just want to toss all the writing books (and the computer) out the window? 8) Glad you like the trailer!

Shelley - Thanks for your kind words -- I'm glad trailer made you curious. It's working - yay!

Michelle D. Argyle said...

I missed this earlier! I LOVE it! You've got a nice look with that, and I love that you have a link to your website. I need to get one of those up sometime.

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